Pica Visor Permanent Marking Crayon


Pica VISOR Permanent Marking Crayon

Longlife Industrial Marking Crayon with Plactic Sheath

The Refillable "MULTI-USE" Marker


For all material surfaces, from glossy to very rough

  • Refillable in a few seconds
  • With water resistant “MULTI-USE” marking crayon
  • Extremely insensitive and versatile for water resistant marking on almost all surfaces
  • Most economic: 1 "lead" substitutes up to 5 conventional ink or paint markers
  • Patented high-tech twist mechanism for rapid and convenient handling
  • Convenient quiver cap with clip for perfect one handed handling
  • Extremely long lasting and environment friendly due to high quality product technique and refill ability
  • Lead never dries out – full performance at all times from the first to the very last line
  • Refill "leads" available in 7 colors
  • Blue, white and black: chloride-free for marking on stainless steel
  • Color Fluo-Orange (054) is a premium luminescent crayon for optical reading sensors
  • Avoid lead temperature over 104 °F (40° C)
  • Lead diameter = 10 mm, length = 85 mm

The marker, that never dries out


Ideal application on these materials:

Suitable application also on these materials:

Acceptable application even on these materials:


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