Pica Big-Ink 170 Smart-Use Marker XL


Pica BIG Ink 170 Smart-Use Marker

Smart-Use Marker XL

The combination of Smart-Use advantages makes it so unique!


SMART: Permanent marker and deep hole marker in one

  • Combines strong and highly visible markings with pinpoint accuracy
  • Suitable for all glossy and dry surfaces
  • Special soft and shape-sturdy tip: provides an unique writing experience


SMART: Always and everywhere at hand 

  • Thanks to the innovative quiver cap the marker is always to hand
  • One handed handling: the quiver cap always stays on the trousers

SMART: The "TWIST & REVIVE" writing tip for life extension

  • The “TWIST & REVIVE” writing tip can be completely turned around – for a quick revival
  • The large XL ink reserve can thus continue to be used up
  • The stainless steel tube around the writing nib ensures clean fingers

SMART: The first deep hole marker in white

  • INSTANT-WHITE: Marks instantly without shaking and without pumping
  • Permanent water based ink
  • Water- and smudge-resistant markings after approx. 20 seconds
  • Attention for BIG Ink® in white: To prevent irreversible drying of the tip, make sure that the marker is left without the cap for a maximum of 2 minutes



Ideal application on these materials:

Suitable application also on these materials:

Acceptable application even on these materials:


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