Grip6 Overland Blue Wool Crew Sock

  1. THE MOST COMFORTABLE CREW SOCK - The Overland Blue Crew Sock is a "Four Season" Crew Sock; it features a full terry bottom and no terry in the upper foot or leg of the sock, resulting in a sock with a full but light feel, perfect in shoes and boots, and in cold and warm weather. 
  2. ROCKY MOUNTAIN MERINO WOOL - Fine Micron Rambouillet Merino Wool, sourced in the USA, makes these socks comfortable.
  3. HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL- 40% Wool, 58% Nylon, 2% Spandex - this combination of wool, nylon, and elastic is ideal for maintaining the benefits of wool - wicking, breathability, stretch, and insulation while gathering in the benefits of nylon and elastic - namely increased durability and material bounce-back.
  4. ANTIMICROBIAL/ANTIBACTERIAL - Because these socks are antimicrobial and wick moisture so well, they feel and smell fresh at the end of the day.
  5. 100% MADE IN THE USA- GRIP6 is a provider and supporter of high quality, domestic jobs. Not only are these socks made by GRIP6, but the materials are also sourced from the USA and much of the wool comes from our backyard, the Rocky Mountains.
  6. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY- The GRIP6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. Grip6 high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.
  7. EASY WASH & CARE - Wash it normally with your clothes in a cold, unbleached cycle.  For the best results, turn them inside out.

Customer Reviews

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Scotty McV.
Welt and arch too tight for me

I'm sorry to say the welt and arch compression are too tight for me, even when I push welt down to ankle. (They are even tighter than Grip6 boot socks.) I only unpacked and washed one pair, and could only wear it for a few minutes. TGC promptly provided rtn lbl, so I will return unwashed 2 pairs.

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