Grip6 Flag Wallet - USA (No Leather)


The GRIP6 Wallet --- designed to access your cards as quickly as possible and lasts forever. It's a high-quality product designed and tested to last a lifetime. As with all GRIP6 products, they back it with thier GUARANDAMNTEE, an unconditional, unlimited lifetime warranty.

  1. BLACK FLAG LASER ETCH- An American Black Flag laser-etched Wallet just plain looks cool and reminds you how awesome freedom is! Of course, it has all the amazing features of the new GRIP6 Wallet.  And because it's laser-etched, not just printed, it'll last forever (Well, almost).
  2. SIMPLE, FAST, EASY CARD ACCESS- The GRIP6 wallet was designed to be the simplest, quickest wallet that you'll love using. With a simple squeeze, you can quickly access any of your cards.
  3. SLIM, LOW PROFILE WALLET- At .4" thin, it's about as thin as a common smartphone.
  4. LOCKING MECHANISM- When not in use, the spring-loaded locking mechanism keeps your cards locked securely in place.
  5. HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL- Wallet body is CNC machined from 5052-H32 Aluminum. The lever and lifting mechanism is injection molded with a performance rated blend of engineering plastics.
  6. RFID BLOCKING- The wallet keeps your cards protected from RFID skimming.
  7. PATENT PENDING- Unique in its approach, the GRIP6 wallet is patent pending.
  8. 100% MADE IN THE USA- GRIP6 is a provider and supporter of high quality, domestic jobs.
  9. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY- The GRIP6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. G6 high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.


  1. Constructed from brushed 5052-H32 Aluminum
  2. USA manufactured utilizing CNC mills and robots
  3. Fiber-optic laser-etched anodized aluminum
  4. 4.7 oz (4.0 oz without leather)
  5. 4.0" H x 3” W x .4" D   (w/o leather) .5" D (w/ leather)


  1. Top grain leather
  2. Stitched with a high-tensile nylon fiber yarn
  3. Thick and durable to last a lifetime
  4. 2 oz

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