Boss Hammer Co.

Boss 10oz Titanium Hybrid Hammer

Boss Hammer Co. - Made in America 
A Trim Hammer So Light, You Won't Even Know It's There.


Flat shoulder and claws for an integrated squaring system

Can square up to a 2x8 in one line*

Includes common cuts and degree markings typical of a framing square

10 oz Titanium head with "Rip Claw" design

Overall weight ~ 18 oz

Smooth face

Magnetic nail starter

14.5 inch out-to-out dimension for laying out framing members

Handle made from hand-selected American hickory with linseed oil finish

Laser engraved markings for long lasting visibility

Titanium Head and Hickory Handle Made in America

*Actual product may vary slightly from photo.

*Squaring tolerances comparable to standard rafter squares. Boss Hammer Co. guarantees “same line” as a typical framing square.


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