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Check out the Holstery lightweight tool belt system, perfect for tradesmen seeking a low-profile solution. Holstery provides a versatile range of products designed for easy attachment of multiple tools including hammers, squares, and hardware. Customize your setup with the Holstery Modbelt, which lets you attach as many or as few Pro line clips as needed. One of our favorite offerings is the convenient Magmaster Pro, designed to keep hardware easily accessible while working in tight spaces. Equip yourself with Holstery's innovative solutions to enhance your efficiency on the job.

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Holstery Jolly Roger
Holstery Jolly Roger Sale price$39.99
Holstery MagMaster ProHolstery MagMaster Pro
Holstery MagMaster Pro Sale price$34.99
Holstery TapeMaster ProHolstery TapeMaster Pro
Holstery TapeMaster Pro Sale price$32.99
Holstery Joey Pouch ProHolstery Joey Pouch Pro
Holstery Joey Pouch Pro Sale priceFrom $42.99
Holstery ModBelt ProHolstery ModBelt Pro
Holstery ModBelt Pro Sale price$79.99
Holstery RipBeltHolstery RipBelt
Holstery RipBelt Sale price$49.99
Holstery ModBeltHolstery ModBelt
Holstery ModBelt Sale price$59.99
Holstery ModRig | Modular Tool Chest Rig
Holstery HammerMaster ProHolstery HammerMaster Pro
Holstery HammerMaster Pro Sale price$32.99
Holstery DriverMaster ProHolstery DriverMaster Pro
Holstery DriverMaster Pro Sale price$32.99
Holstery SquareMasterHolstery SquareMaster
Holstery SquareMaster Sale price$27.99