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Awesome Pants and Awesome Company!

I have had a hard time finding women’s work pants that fit well and can take a beating working in construction. These pants exceeded my expectations! Great customer service from Trusted Gear Co. My order was shipped and received right away and had a hand written note and some extras included in the box! Thank you for the great service! I definitely will be ordering again soon!

The Perfect Mini Tool-Roll

I love this mini tool roll from Atlas46. Perfect for just the essentials when working on quick projects around the house or in your vehicle. It is mini, so only expect to fit a basic tool kit. The wrench slots accommodate your most used wrench sizes. Note that the wrench slots will not allow for wrenches longer than 8". Working with Josh at Trusted Gear was also a great experience. Thank you!

A must have, according to my husband

Got him this pants and he made me order another one. Love it!


They run a little small in size. We will see how they hold up.

Nice Jacket

This jacket is just what I was looking for. It’s rugged, warm and looks good.

Absolutely the best pants on the market for trades

I have been through so many pairs of pants over the years so many different brands till I met these guys at world of concrete. They talked me into giving these pants a try hands-down the absolute most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever owned, flexibility, versatility quality, I do everything from landscape, contracting, Hardscape installs , concrete lifting. General construction and home maintenance. These have quickly become my most favorite pair of pants. If you haven’t tried them you’re missing out these pants are a game changer.

Love These

My go-to work pants. The material is strong, but not too hot to wear, and the extra pockets that you can tuck in or take out are fantastic. Love these!

Welt and arch too tight for me

I'm sorry to say the welt and arch compression are too tight for me, even when I push welt down to ankle. (They are even tighter than Grip6 boot socks.) I only unpacked and washed one pair, and could only wear it for a few minutes. TGC promptly provided rtn lbl, so I will return unwashed 2 pairs.

Blaklader-the only work pants my husband wants.

My husband is a HVAC tech and he wore Blaklader Brawnys with his previous employer for years. It helped his knees to not hurt so much and doesn’t chaff his legs like other strap on knee pads. Plus they lasted nearly two years were as standard blue jeans would be shot in 3-6 months. His new employer used a uniform company and he tried to comply with that but his knee were starting to complain. So, he is now back to Blaklader’s.

This is the first time ordering ripstops so we will see how they last. We ordered one of each color. He wishes there were a couple more color choices. The navy and black show dirt so much and he is afraid they will be hot in the summer heat and sun. But the stone is so light it shows all the dirt as well. A medium blue or antique khaki would be better for his line of work. He has had them a month, so far they are holding up beautifully. No signs of wear, clean up well, and they look amazing on him yet he can move around well in them.

One SOLID jacket

Euro sizing not the same as USA
I went one size bigger.
Not waterproof.
No fluffy insulation inside.
I like it.

Washable Wool Socks!

My men, all 7 of them, LOVE THESE SOCKS!
Thanks for recommending them Josh Maltby & Trusted Gear.

Wool Socks!

My men, all 7 of them, LOVE THESE SOCKS!
Thanks for recommending them Josh Maltby & Trusted Gear.

Love em

Going to buy a 3rd pair

Blaklader 3368/3657 Pullover Hoodie - Navy Blue Melange
Philip Slawson
Pullover hoodie

Possibly the most comfortable heavyweight hoodie I own and I own a lot! Very well made as you would expect from Blaklader.

Great boxes for camera trap flashes

Great boxes for the price and great local company to buy them from. Use them for housing flashes for camera traps for wildlife photography.

Most comfortable work pants

After going back and forth between Carhartt Duck carpenter pants and Duluth Fire Hose pants I got these when recommended by a co-worker. These don't feel as roomy as the Fire Hose did but the fitment and durability is superior. My only real complaint with these compared to the Carhartt's is the hammer loop being on the wrong side for me personally. But overall my crotch doesn't feel pinched or crushed which was one of my main issues with the Carhartt's. If Blaklader made these in a dark green variant I will be buying more pairs but I currently cycle these weekly between all 3 colors and will buy more if they ever wear out or if there's another sale on these. Breathability wise these are amazing as I work in a shipyard environment and I need pants that are lightweight and breathable but durable, these will remain my go to work pants.

Blaklader 1690 pants

Awesome pants. Love these pants with the knee pads . I need to protect my knees but can’t tolerate traditional knee pads the straps always hurt the back of my legs. These are awesome. Would recommend.

Size up

I need to return exchange for bigger sizes.

Best pants I've ever had! Thank you

Love it

Fit is perfect. I receive compliments all the time, about how nice it looks. I couldn't agree more!

Great Products, Amazing Customer Service

You cannot go wrong with Blaklader products. Their quality and durability come at a slightly higher cost, but well worth the investment.

The customer service here is truly world class. I found these guys while searching around since my usual sites were out of stock. I’ve since bought solely from here and have no plans to buy my Blaklader products elsewhere again.

In heaven!

I've been eyeing this coat for over a year. I wore it as soon it arrived and my buddy bought one also. I'm in love.

Second experience. Even better than the first!

Bought even more great products, shipped quickly on time w/ personal communication that is just icing on the cake! We'd never go anywhere else!
Russ' Repair, Towing & Recovery

Light and built tough

These are my 3rd pair of Blåkläder Ripstops, and I now have 1 of each color. I absolutely love these pants. The partially unattached pockets help you bend while they're still full to help keep full range of your motion, but are still made tough to deal with the stressors of a real work environment. These are very resistant to the grime and dirt of the shipyard (primarily rust and dust), and I love the breathability of the stretch material. If you're looking for a good lightweight work pant, give these a try! Please see my reviews for the other colors as well.

Great Work Pants

I've previously reviewed the Stone color of these same pants. Normally I don't spend this much on clothing, but I decided to cave in and try them after a co worker had showed me the features and benefits of these pants and I've been sold ever since. The stain resistance is excellent, which considering my work environment (a shipyard), is almost necessary. The breathability of the stretch is also a nice touch, helping to keep slightly cool without getting too cold on the cooler nights of 2nd shift. I will say if you are expecting a normal Navy blue, these are much much darker. When I received them they were almost black and I could barely tell the differences unless I looked at the black Cordura knees vs the rest of the pant. They did lighten up after a few washes though and I am extremely happy with my purchase and the excellent customer service from Trusted Gear Co.!