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Hardcore Super Naturalist Hatchet - Zombie Red/Black

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Brand: Hardcore Hammers

The Super-Naturalist…

Hardcore Hammers decided to take a closer look at one of their best sellers, and using what they learned from developing the Survivalist Hatchet, they re-created the Naturalist, adding some new features and making it, well, Super. They started by upgrading the alloy steel to 4140 “ordnance tool steel”, for greater edge retention and better impact resistance, then shaved off several ounces to make for improved handling control and quicker swings. They added a much-needed nail puller, curved the bit a bit for better chopping and deeper cuts. We feel that this hatchet is truly befitting of the Survivalists little brother. Works better than any other for yard work, bushcraft, construction, camping, drywall, you name it.

Weighs in at just under 17oz of steel mounted on an 18″ curved hickory handle. Bit is 3-1/4″ long, over all head length is 7″.


And, of course, 100% made in the USA.

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