Grip6 Forged Carbon Fiber Buckle for 1.5" Straps

  • This buckle utilizes 'forged' carbon fiber - It's made from a paste of finely cut up fibers — half-a-million turbostratic fibers for every square inch — that are combined with a resin that can be mixed and then formed into the desired shape.
  • Forged carbon fiber can be traced back to a collaborative effort between noted club company, Callaway and Lamborghini.
  • Though forged carbon fiber doesn’t offer nearly as impressive tensile ratings or strength as woven carbon fiber, it can be utilized in a more structural capacity that allows it do perform applications that traditional pre-preg weaves can’t.
  • Completely non-metalic - pass through metal detectors with pants on.
  • Grip6 Forged Carbon Buckles are made near the Grip6 factory in Utah.

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