Boss Hammer Co.

Boss 22oz Steel Hybrid Hammer

Boss Hammer Co. - Made in America
The First Hammer that can Square, Measure and Swing.

22oz Hybrid High Performance Hammer Features:

Flat shoulder and claws for an integrated squaring system

Can square up to a 2x12 in one line*

Includes common cuts and degree markings typical of a framing square

22 oz steel head "Rip Claw" design with Black Zinc finish on 18.5 inch Handle

Overall weight ~ 32.5 oz

Large milled face helps you drive nails easier and faster

Magnetic nail starter accommodates single AND double-headed nails

Hand-selected American hickory handle is naturally shock absorbing and finished with linseed oil for better grip

Laser engraved markings are burned three times over for long lasting visibility

Proudly Made in America

*Wood handle may vary slightly from photo. Each handle has its own unique wood grain.

*Squaring tolerances comparable to standard rafter squares. Boss Hammer Co. guarantees “same line” as a typical framing square.


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