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Boss 18oz Steel Hybrid "Ranch Boss" Hammer | Fiberglass Handle


The first hammer to feature a patent pending Magnetic Staple Applicator design, the RANCH BOSS Is ideal for using fencing staples when installing high tensile or barbed wire. The Magnetic Applicator not only saves your fingers but also makes starting staples much easier when using gloves. 18 oz steel hammer with a professional grade poly-fiberglass handle. Fiberglass handles offer much more durability than hickory handles and will absorb shock to prevent joint strain. 100% Made in USA


- Flat shoulder and claws for an integrated squaring system

- Can square up to a 2x10 in one line*

- Includes common cuts and degree markings typical of a framing square

- 18 oz steel head with "Rip Claw" design

- Overall weight ~ 31 oz

- Available in milled face

- Magnetic nail starter accommodates double-headed nails AND fencing staples

- 16 inch out-to-out dimension for laying out framing members

- Vinyl Ester Resin Fiberglass Core Stronger than Standard Polyester Resin Core

- Premium 4340 American Steel (stronger than standard 4140)

Made in USA


*Squaring tolerances comparable to standard rafter squares. Boss guarantees “same line” as a typical framing square.



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