About Us

Trusted Gear Company is a family run company, located at the foot of the mountains in Montana's beautiful Flathead Valley

Our family has been planted in Montana for decades, and our business still holds to the old "know your customers by name" mentality and customer service experience that is cherished by so many. 

In addition to offering small town charm and quality customer service, members of the Trusted Gear Company crew have also worked in, and understand the needs of large scale construction and supply, and offer experience in international manufacturing and sales.

Small business experience you want - Big business experience you need.




When it comes to brands and products, we are intent on providing access to, and knowledge of the best on the market.  We believe that the gear we use has a direct impact on efficiency and production at work, and the enjoyment of the world around us. 

So whether at work or play, be sure to use the best equipment for the task - quality products that are designed to help you enjoy what you do, and trusted to help you do it better.



Thank you for your interest in us!